Sunday, 12 February 2012

A simple and robust to increase sales portable garments rack

Due to the weak economy and the need for sustainable plastic mannequins on the market very often these days. Plastic mannequins with the environment and recycle. These dolls are made of durable plastic and unbreakable. This makes the operation easier and less risky than the fiberglass or mannequins. Are Phantoms lightweight plastic and which makes it easy to transfer from one place to another.

Mannequins are also made of wood, glass, plastic, glass, etc. is made, but these are not as durable. Wooden dummies are thick and heavy, so it does not serve the purpose of buying this. Wax dolls are very attractive, but because of their sensitivity, they are not common and found only in the large country, and museums.

Plastic figures are also adapted to the flexible nature. To create the exact shape of body parts, plastic, the preferred material. Site selection can be performed easily, giving a plastic mannequin look realistic.

Because of its elasticity duglega plastic figures can be enforced against the head and legs and arms may be worn. They are a great help to store employees, the clothes without seeing a lot of time and energy. Because the parts are easy to understand, model creation is displayed in stores with ease. Plastic models can be easily determined based on the theme of the tissue section.

Specially designed to look like plastic dolls real people in different sizes and shapes. The perfect amount of plastic dummy is comparable with the ideal model. The weight of the plastic dummy is about 10 kg and dimensions are similar to the right person. All cuts and lines of plastic mannequins, models plastic, especially women, because they are nearly the same as a beautiful woman. Plastic models of all colors but black and the skin is preferable.

Headless mannequin, backless mannequin, mannequin head, a torso mannequin, mannequin standing, dancing dummy, doll, heavy products are also available on the market for the variety of impact resistant plastic.

To wear the clothes, accessories and jewelry, makeup, shoes, dolls, etc. indicate plastic tents. The most important thing to think about the topic and that on the screen. May improve the selection of plastic mannequins that. Finally, screens of inspiration and attractive lure customers to buy more products.

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